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(ms. murray) "i could not have be in my nephew's life.. cause tears)"a young mother... killed... after a party...why she wasn't even the target of the gunman gunmana firefighter... hurt on the jobb..wants to fight fires n again18:16:433he did qualify, he met the standards" standards"...why the city is still saying "no" "no"weather ...and the fun these brides have... ...when theyyre kidnapped. hello, i'm jennifer gilbert jeff baand is off tonightfirst tonight... breaking news out of northeast . can see some of the ictims of hhoting being put into ambulances. severeallintersections werr blocked by police near mathews ptreet about 7 this evennng... ttaa area is just off of still trying to sort ttings
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out... but here's what we know tonight...2 people were shot... one in the leg... the other person was shot several times in the chest.we do not know the conditions of he victims right now...but homicide detectives are investigating 3 ...and there's more breaking news... out of baltimore county tonightseveral homes were evacuated tonight after were called to a home on ridgely oak road in parkville just afttr 5 o'clock.the owner of the house arrived and smelled straage chemicals.he doesn'' live there.instead,, his nephew does.he was nephew was making threats.his police arrived, searching for a bomb-- or a meth labb-- but they ruled that the homeowner says he's sorry for all the trouble. eddie dize, owner of home: "i wanna apologize to the neighbors who were they were all more thannre. gracious, and i apologize to every one of them." them."shawn vinson, baltimmoe co. police: "we are continuung to look for this family member at this point. this person was not in the houue." house."investigators say the
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chemmcals found inside the home were not unusual a young mother is dead.. killed at a house party.... apparently caught in the crossfire of passing strangers. keith daniels has been following this story and says police need the public's help in fiding theekiller.. keith? keith? jennifer.... a traveling bullet struck outside the home...... a young mother and bbnk teller killed..... and tonight, the search is on for the one responsible for her death. death. lesha murray says it was puppose to be a fun.. family at her home on the alemeda at richnor avenue. but afttr thh arty.. things turned tragic..... someone shot and killed her nnece, larelle amos.. she wws 22.(ms. murray) "i could not haae asked for a better personnto be in my nephew's life.. cause she was it happened at about 2 o'clock early monday morning.. amos
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was shot while she was standing in the front yard with murray.... guests had gone. police say hey don't believe amos was the target. she ook a bullet meant for someone else. (murray) "we thoughhtthey were getting out ready to fight...." two cars had just passed by with two groups offmen inside. thee stopped down the block.." (keith) "they got out near cold pring, they argued, then someone opened fire." a bullet pierced amos in the chess.(ms. murray) "and lorell and i was just standing there.. and she was like you know aunt lesha, we had a good tiie.. and you know, life ended. life ended so fast.. for no reason at all." amos leaves behind her 1-year- old son, geron. a little boy, who's mother is gone... forever.(murray) "i loved her with all mm heart. &pshe was such good person, always there." if you have any information about this
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shooting..... call baltimmrr city police. keith daniels, ox 45 news at ten. a deeeloping story out of anne arundel county tooight. a man who disappeared on the r chesapeake bay today.a man and a woman feel off a sailboat about 2 miles away from bayside beach... about 12-30 this afternoon.the woman was rescued.they are still looking for theeman. surveillance video tells part of the story.that flash going off is an off- duty police officer'sshandgunntonight, he'ssthe defendant in a 10- million ddllar lawsuut.paul gessler reports how it got to this pointt.aul? paul?this ll happened exactty seven months ago tonight--when a then- 11--year- old ryan dorm nd his friend went to a looal gas station for a late- it's thrre seconds of video. ryan dorm: "i heard a shot and i seen a flash ann i felt something, so i thought i as dead actually."three seconds of ryan dormms life when he thought he died.dorm: "as you
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can see, i'm not resisting. i'm not doing anyyhing wrong." as the 20- year- old brentwood,,maryland, man told our d-c affiliate, it's painful to watch.dorm: "we were ust going to the gas off-duty pplice officers said suspicious.they followed dorm caught up to him outside a title shop. prosecutors ay the video appears to contradict what the officer, corporal donald taylor said aafer thh incident, claimmng he was "he didn't ust assault my cllint and abuse his civil rights, but he made up a story and brought up false charges against my client."dorm spent four months in jail, before prosecutors saw this video-- and dropped the chhrges. lawyer: "this officer has not peen in jail, at all. not spent one day."the pooicee officer is now facing criminal charges he told repooters he would address at his november ácourt date as to what led to the incident.dorm and his million dollar civil lawsuit. paul gessler, fox45 news
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dorm's lawyer says olice saw the video just two days after the took nearly four months for charges to eventually bb dropped and dorm to be released from jail. it was one week ago today.... on the first day of sshool.... that a student was shot at perry hall high sccool. school. 17-year-old daniel borowy--who has down syndrome -- remains at shock trauma.the accused gunman, 15-year-old robert gladden-- posted on his facebook page that mooning.... "first day of schooo-- last day of my life."thh parents of the victim say--- that should be a wakeup call to other kids are saying online. the only comment that i guess i will make on that iss obviously he's a troubled help he n...i hope he ets the - needs im not trying to be forgiving because e're hurting my son is hhrting but
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that's for the legal system for he police for he lawyers for the judges for al them to do what they need to do... do... 3 daniel is recovvring from his third surgery.his fatherrtold his church congregation yesterday that his son is close to being on the road to recovery. por fox 45's completeecoverage of the perry hall high school shooting... go to our wwbsitt, fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under &pthe hot topics banner at the top of the page. much of the baltimore area wass under a flood warning for part of the evening......because of heavy rains.this is what it looked like in north baltimore. woulddbe sunny one minute......but then clouds would move in......andd start dumping rain... our own john rydell sent us ttis video...he was driving along the j-f-x at the time...
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wiperr barely keepinn up with the amount of rain hitting the winddhield......and the thick laaer of water other cars have to drive through. when severe eather hits your neighborhood... see ii.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videoo to our website. go too foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore ddt com." the maryland state fair comes to closee... on aavery rainy today was the last day for all the rides... food .. and exhiiits. and of course - it had to fact, the fair was washed out a few times over the last two weeks... which put a amper on attendance.the fair president estimates about 300--housand which is lower than last hoped. those ho came out for the
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fair, said they had a great time, despute the rough weather. organizers are already beginning to plan for next year's big event. a world record set at the maryland state fair this weekend.maryland's own "handy international seafood" achieved the guiness worldd record for the world's largest crab cake yesterday .. weighing in at 3-hundred and a hall pounds. of course you couldn't cook this crab cake without a custom madd device..... with specific directions. 107-1:20"if one guy gets off one way or the other or cocks one way or tte other it'll destroy tte cake or actually destroy the appearance of the c" cake.""that's where it gees really tense yes. so far we're two for two." two." it took six men to lift the crab cake... that could feed up to 12-hundred previous world record by 47 pounds. the ballimore grand prix is wrapped up for the year... but some of the course is still being dismantled. will it affect your tuesday morning
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commute? melinda roederris live dowwtown... with a wrap-up of the race... and a look at what's left.melinda? melinda? by tomorrow morning - they tell mm all access points will be reopened. hough it will the fencing and ggandstands come down. but organiiers say they're right on schedule. in fact, crews have been orking since barriers and road blocks.n the overall.... rganizers say the race - they believe - was a success. although they admit ticket sales were down from last ear. and the crowd was noticeably smaller.... despite &pefforts to sell discounted tickets online in the last two weeks. although how much smaller the crowd --- is anyonees guess. because refusing to release that information.
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for the race issued aa statement today - efending race attendance... he says - quote - based on 100 days to prepare, ww were very pleased. and says last year's estimated crrwd numbers were heavily inflated and a large percentage of attendees last year watched for the way, promoters... say they are next year. they also say they have paid all the vendors and all the tax bills.... which is something last year's promoters failed to do n downtown... melinda 3oeder... ffx 45 news at ten..- the n-f-l pre-season has come &pto an end....and the ravenn are now pointed toward their regular-season opener..sports director bruce cunningham joins us with more...bruue? bruce?with the rosters now fully formed, nfl teams are now pointed toward opening weekend...for the ravens, hat means an extra day of waiting...they open up monday nnght, hostiig the cincinnati bengalsat m&t bank stadium it has been a reflective off- season in owings mills...they got to within one dropped pass
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of being in the super bowl...and every man on the roster knowsthey wound havee won it, too...and as they head into this season, they know the road ahead..and they also agree on gthe destination... 3 the orioles close toowithin a single game of first place in the al eaat..hihglights coming up at 10-50 in sportt uulimited..back to you 3 ...whyya blackhawk helicopter... made an unexpected landing... in her yard...later on fox45 news at ten 18823:18"he's very frustrated, he wants to be a firefighter" firefighter" ...the reason why baltimore city... says one man cannot be a firefighter......after being break city fire investigators are still
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searching for ccues following a fire that killld an east baltimmre happened blockof east north avenue. that's where john rydell has spoken with learn more... 3 3 3 3 ((nats))on east north avenue...neighboos begin the somber task of cleaning-up. less than 24-hours after that fatal firee..that's really all they can do."it was just chaos you know, i never saw nothing like that."neighbors knew...that 88-year old gertie horton...was inside. but as flames...swept through her roohouse...there as little they cculd help. "it just was so sad the way she died."rene plumber...lives just two doorssaway.(pllmber)
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brothee-in law tried to get her oot of the house but when they broke the door in, they couldn't get her out because the fire came toward them." "and one guy broke his leg trying to get to her so it was horton...had just returned... home....rom a lengthy stay in a nursing home. "she had this bubbily personality, she would just talk to yyu."but they say...she still had they fear....that may... have - cost hhr...her life. (hayes) &p"everrbody in the community loved her you know and it's said what happened you know, it's really ad."(rydell) "gertie horton is the second person to die in fire in bbltimore city this holiday weekend ut she's only the fifth fire fatality in pear, it's a number fire e - officials call remarkable." while they believe ms. horton...may have died from smoke inhilation...they're still searching for a cause...of this tragic blaze. "ttis ain't a good day."in east baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. neighbors say the victim livvd grandchildren.but they weren't
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home when the fireebroke out. there was a second deadly fire community is remembering more reggie russell. he was killedd early saturday morning at his home on holbrook street. neighbors say his final act was pushing his wife to safety, before he ran back inside to try to put out the flames. "right then and there he starttpushing her" her"alice dooley: "he went doiig what reggie would do, eese"reggie was found later by firefighters, liffless in his doorway. friends say he had &plived in the home for 68 year of tte nnighborhood childden. baltimore has seen 5 fire deaths so far this year a two-alarm fire heavily damages a crab house in employee of ross' crab house noticed a fire in the restaurant's basement at abouu 7:30 last night. six out safely.a fire engine that was a block away was on the scene a minute later.
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contain it.. no word yet on a firefighter was treated for high blood pressure. innyour neighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly rom your cell phone to "piis at foxbaltimore dot com." onnthis labor ay..... one city fire fighter injured in the line of duty.... wants to get back to ffghting fires... but he's being told he can't... even though experts and the federal goverment both say he is fit for duty. duty. 18:23:18"he's very frustrated, he's a second generation fire fighter...who gave up a promising career as annccvil eegineerto savv llves.but now city firefighter bryan issacs faces an obstacle worse than thh life threatening injuries he sustained fighting a fire in 2008his own department.
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sense, they have been verr arbitraryyand capricious about this"ttat's because aftee emerging from a coma and health. and being cleared to return to fighting fires from two expert doctors and the fire department says they will not let him return to place he wants to be...back oo a truck 18:17:20"we just find this very, very strangg"issacs' ordeal began while answering a call in march of 2008. he fell off a truck.... near fatal accidenthe recovered, nd with the approval of his own engine 6aone of the busiest n - the city.18:16:43"he did qualify, he met the standards" but a city doctor saad no. even though another physiciann who wrote the standards for him for issacs iled a - complaint with he federal commissionaa federal aaency
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that romotes fairness in the work place.81:17:15"the eeoc says in some of there findings they believe he has been discrimintaed against"and in this letter thee dettrmined thh city was wrong.but even with the bbcking of the federal government, the city still rrfused to let him return. 18:17:44"they just did not comply with it"so we asked them to come on camera and explain. insteand they issued this statement."at this time we (bcfd) will defer at this time from any public remarks assthis is a pending legal matter".for now issacs is a mechanic, fixingg ire trucks, not riding them. a job his sspporttrs say is far removed...from his true calling.18:19:20"he's a career firefighter, he doesn't want to be a mechanic" despite the city's reluctance to put him back on a truck,, issacs has been working as vounteer firefighter in baltimore county, where hh has been cleared to fight ires. governor martin o'malley is backtracking on his controversial answer to a question over the weekenddwhen he was asked on "face the nation" if people are etter
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off today than they were four years agg... e said, "no"he tried to expllin this morning on c-n-n. "heee's the reality offour clearly better offer as a are country because we're creating jobs rather than losing them." (soledad o'brien: "but you said no.") "we have not recovered all that we lost in the bush recession. recession.o'malley will speak at his week's democratic national convention in charrotte. that brings us to our question of the day.are you better off now than you weee 4 years ago? ago?here's a look at our pacebookpage.some of you do say yes...a few more of you are saying nn......and a few of you blame both sides for our probbems...this question ptarted a lively iscussion... and you can join in right now by going to facebook dot com slash fox-baltimore ...and coming up... up...the democratic national charlotte, north ccrolina you can expect this week...t - ...and take a closer look at who's funding the president's re-election campaign....n just
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5 minutes on fox45 news at ten wx> 3 3 3 3 p3
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s he makes his way to the democratic national convention in north carolina... president obama stops by hurricane-strickkn louisiana... as well as a key battleground state craig boswell shows us what's happening the day ábeforeá the convention in charlotte charlotte a day before the democratic national convention officially kicks off... president obamm -- visits hurricane-battered says: "we are getting on the case very quickly about figuring out what exactly happened here, wwat can we do to make sure that it doesn't happen again." earlier, the president spent labor day meeting with union workers in the key swing state of ohio. obama says: "i stood wwth american workers. i stood with american manufacturing. i believeddin you. i bet on you. i'll make that bet any day of
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the week." first lady michelle obama is already in charlotte... this aaternoon checking out the stage at the time warner cable arena... ahead of her big speech tomorrow night. on the eve of the convention.... democratic delegates from all over the country are optimistic. hilario says: "we made a lot of progress. we have a great president and we are here just to rally him and support him and show that texas may not be a blue state but someday it will." meanwhile, árepublicaná vice presidential nominee ppul ryan -- also campaigning in the tar heel state today. ryan says: "every president since thh americans to send them into a second term could say that you were four years ago xcept for - jimmy carter and for president barack obama." president obama carried north carolina in 2008 by a razor thin margin. he faces an uphill battle this time around as the pnemployment rate in the tar heel state is welllabove the national average. at the democratic national convention in charlotte, raiggboswell, fox news.
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as delegates arrive in north carolina for the democratic national convention...the streets of downtown charlotte were shut down on and off for several hours yesterday because of protestors.but police were prepared. enforcement officers have been brought in from across the country...ann yysterday they were ttsted.the protests focused on the banking of america and wells farro are both headquartered in charlotte.charlotte was hit hard by the recession. going to well in this country - politically, economically and all that and i think thii is what neees to happen, people need to wake up to what's going on, gotta be interested in the real state of affairss and participate you know." (12s) (12secs)police have allo been busy setting up barricades around downtown.todays big combination country fair meets political rally. well over one billion dollars -- that's how much cash president barack obama and mitt romney re on target to spend.during the republlcan national convention we showed
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you where mr. romney's money is coming from. tonight we take a look at barack obama's campaign. jeff barnd tells us who's funding it. 3 [take pkg]oc=standardtrt= richard vatzprofessor, towson universitypresident barack barack obama has nearly elevated the aat oofraising campaign donations to a science.according to the center for responsive &ppolitics, obama's campaign ha generated [graphic]nearly 350 million dollars through mid-august.[video of money]and as breathtaking as that figure is it does not take into account what's flowing intoo &pdemocratic pacs and super pac. [graphic]for all those hundreds of millions of dollars obama ould hire almost 10,500 teachers and pay each of them 33 thousand 840 dollars. that's the median annual salary for a new teacher -- according o the bureau of labor statistics. [videooof white house/b/roll of vatz]is it reasonable to buy a second term with all those of hundreds of millions of dollars? forget about it richard vatz - neither obama or challenger mmtt romney's money can influence the
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outcome withhcash.[sot in vatz interview]33:28 "monny just does not equal votes. there's a lot of of situations where a candidate has raised more than an opponent candidate and lost an election."trt=:10[pictures or video of clinton dole regan/carter] bill clinton wws the last incumbenn to win with fewer donattons beating bob dole in 1996 and before that ronald regan on by landslide election over a much better funded jimmy parter.while obama can not count nearly as many super pac super donors as romney -- he too has a million dollar and two million dollar club. [graphic]texas trial lawyer steveemostyn, nntive franklin haney senior, and comedian bill maher have each donated a million dollars to the democratic super pac -- priorities usa. dreamworks ceo jeffrey katzenberg cut a two million dollar check for the same super pac in 2011. [graphic - pre-produced]and money rom employees at the university of california, microsoft, google, dla piperr
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and harvard is pouring in for obama's re-election. combined, employees at thooe companies and institutions have contributed more than 1.9 million dollars. [sot in vatz]sot in 41:23 "whenever you get into the elite niversities you do find a tremenus amount of sympathy for a liberal, left wing president."trt=:07 &ppolltical analyst vatz says a best -- money can influence the margins. but not be the end all factor of tipping the outcome in obama or romney's favor. i'm jeff barnd reporting. wwehave lot more stories about the race for the white house on our websitt... including a look at why this the álastá that by oing to fox-baltimore dot com... and click on vote 2012 in the hot topics section at the top of the screen 3 schultz says: " "it freaked me out because it makes me wonder okay do i have people walking through my yard (on caa) to get back to the woods?" woods?" next on fox45 news at ten...why a blackhawk
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helicopter... made an unexpected landing... in her yard... // we always prepare for the wo" worst." ...and why some people are saying....hurricane isaac... was worse than come back katrina...when we 3 3
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actor michael clarke duncan has died. "the green mile" actor had been in the hospital for almost two mooths. attack... the six-foot-five star appeared in dozens of fflms including &p"planettof the apes," "armageddon," nd "the scorpion king," the fire season continues to be tough out west. west. this time in the angeles national forest just ast and north of los angeles where a fire broke out yesterday. it has now burned more than four thousanddacres. theewilliams fire began near a camp fire on sunday.he area typically attracts about 12-thousand visitoos over the holiday's extremely dry this time of year. no homes are threatened.... but firefighters have evaauated much of the camping area so thee'll have access to fight the fire. a blackhawk helicopter lands unexpectedly in a backyard in i.
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indianapolis.ittcame as quite a suprise to nikki schulz.... a young mom who had no dea that 60 marijuana plants were growinggbehind her house. turns was the indiana national guard...doing a drug bust. nikki wws in a panicc.. until the troops told her what was happening. she says it would have been worse, if er little boy was home at the time. schultz says: " (covered with video of her son): "i would (on cam) because i really thought they werr going to hit the house, (covered with a still of the chopper) and so i was running around frantic just by myself so it would have been evennworse witt him son)." as scared as schultz was...she still snapped those pictures... documentinggthe "bust"... the after-effects of hurricane isaac continue to be felt accoss the gulf coast. caaey stegaal show us way many people are saying... hurricane isaac was áworseá than hurricane katrina katrina hurrrcane isaac has come and gone... but folks across the gulf coast are still feeling the sting of the storm. officials say tens of
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thousands are still without powwr... most in louisiana, where isaac made landfall as a caaegooy one storm last week some folks who were forced to evacuate.. now allowwd bbck into their neiggborhoods. many -- who have been through this before -- have an idea of what to expect whhn they return home.mms says: "debris...some siding missing...rotten food in the have a little damage to my i - my roof // we always prepare for the worst." crews across the region continue the process of cleaning up. inspectors from the federal emergency management agency on the which is estimated to .. - surpass mooe than aabillion dollars. mos says: "there's more damage and destruction and water here todaa than there was for katrina." low-lying areas -- like plaauemines parish in louisiana -- hit the hardest... many ssying the flooding frrm isaac topping the damage left behind by katrina 7 years agg.mos
10:38 pm
says: "i knew when it stalled, we were in trouble, and i made the wrong decision about not leaving." stegall says: "what's left of isaac will move through the lower mississippi valley -- bringing rain, wind and the risk of tornadoes with it. in new orleans, ccsey stegall, fox news." 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3p the fun these brides have...
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when they're 10 mmnutes on fxo45 news at ten ullying>classroom bullying... caught on tape...the things the teacher apparently did... to encourage the violence
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3a serious case of school bullying ... caught on video at a washington state middle school in february.and wwile the incident is disturbing, even more disturbing s the &pperson at the center of tth chris legeros reports... the scchol district is still dealing with the investigate. authorities invest- ---eporter pkg-as follows - (nats)this is cellphone viieo shot by students during a
10:45 pm
&pclass at kopachuck miidle school last february. we got a copy from an attorney but agreed not to show the kid's faces. she's representing the 13 year old boy on thh floor, teacher-led bullying incident of epic proportions.joan mell not revealing the boy's name or the name of his family. but she ssys they areeall traumatized by what happened supervision of teacher john rosi.tte teacher poked him in around and put his bottom up d in his face and said he fflt gassy.(nats)he had a pillow placed on his face where he couldn't breathe foo several seconds. he haddhis own socks shovvd into his mouth.the peninsula school district sayy it got a look attthose videos right after the incident.i was horrified by what i saw.and acted quickly.we immediately placed the teacher on llave. after an internal investigation, rosiiwas suspendee for ten days, reassigned as a substitute teacher for the rest of the school year, given new classroom management training, and assigned to a differrnt middle school this fall.we
10:46 pm
took what we think is pretty significant disciplinary action against the teacher.we were not able to contact the teacher by phone, but in a letterrwritten to the district, john ross apologized after the incident. explaining he didn't view the incident &pas-quote-anything more thaa harmless childhood horse play. but the boy's attorney says the teen hasn't been able to return to class after the incident, has switched schools and required psychiatric therapy the school did not report the incident to authorities...but the sheriff's department did finn out and is now inveetigating.the distrrct says it's cooperating with the investigation. 3 in response to the case of county... the maryland department of agriculture will be spraying tt get rid of mosqu. mosquitos.sparying will take place this thursday and next thursday, the 13th... in the milford mill area after 7:30 at night.if you live thhre, you might be trucks from the department of agriculture, poing the spraying.west nile virus is transmitted by mosquitos.west nile eneraaly
10:47 pm
causes either no symptoms.. or mild.. flu-like illness.. but it can also be deedly. &ppids with asthma who inhale steroids might end up a little treatment.inhaling steroids helps some youngstees with the breathing disorder.but doctorr and parents have worried the drugs might slow or stunt growth.researchers at the university of new mexico followed about a thousand they stopped groupp of kids inhaled steroids twice a day... another group took non-steroids...the rest a placeboothe experts say those on steroids only lost a half- inch in height. a new study out of britain.... finds the shhpe of a person's beer glass may affect how fast they drink it. the researchhsuggests that people who drink their breww out of curved glasses... drink their beer 4 inutes faster than those who drink out of straight glasses.researchers believe the curved glasses
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make it harder toopace yourself... because it's more difficult to etermine how much you've actually had. the obama administration is now releasing the recipe for its homemade beer. white houss head chef... sam kass... possed the recipe for 2 beers brewed at 1600 pennsylvania avenue: the white house honey ale and honey porter. bothh beers are made using honey bee hive..he recipe release se - comes after some pressure from the online home brewing community that incllded a information act request. - 3 a matinee game for the oriolessin toronto...see if the birds could close the gap on the in ...and thh unusual kidnapping ábridesáthe reason - it happens... and the things the brides do with their kidnappers......affer the break
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anncr: it'll start out as coconcrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. no matter what else happens in
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orioles can make this claim.. on september 3rd, they were within a game of the lead in the american league east.yes, you heard that right...a single game..the first place while the birds took care of pusiness againsttoronto... poronto...bottom oo the 2nd... o's up 1-0...yunel escobar lays down a bunt...manny machado shows off his strong
10:52 pm
arm...mark reynolds with great footwork at first to get the out...orioles ddfense haa done a 1-80 since the all-star break...bottom of tte 7th... 3-0 o' jays have the bases loaded and one out.... luis ayala gets moises sierra swinging for the 2nd out.... next batter...jeff mathis flies out to jays did not get another base runner...o's shutout toronto 4-0... 3 joe saunders threw 6 and a third scoreless innings in his 2nd start for the o''s a look at the updated a-l east standings...the yankees lost game behind new yyrk for he division lead...the o's host the yankees for 4 starting on thursday...
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3 if you drove anywhere his weekend... you paad a lot to get there.gas prices aae the labor day weekend. weekend.a gallon of gas cost 3 dollars and 88cents today. that's up 7 cents from this time last week.on this day last year... gas cost 3 dollars and 56 cents a gallon...22 cents less than this year. we can help you finddthe bestt gas prices in your neighborhood.go to fox- ballimore dot com slash pump 3atroll- some "mr. coffee" coffeemakers are unddr recall today... foo a dannerous malfunction. according to the consumee product safety commission... &pthe appliance can suddenly release a stream of scalding water and coffee grounds. the recall single-cup brewing systems... sold between september 20100and this month. they were sold at target,
10:54 pm
walmart, k- mart, j-c penny and bed, bath and beyond stores nationwide. the c-p-s-c says owners should stop using the coffeemaker immediately... and contact the compann about how to replace it. ddcks are a wonderful place to relax... but keeping them looking good is a real challenge. as patrice sanders explains... consumer reports is running long-term tests on more than 30 deck stains... and finds some offer far better protection than others. 3 ((pat on cam))if you don't maintain your deck with a good stain... you could pay the consequeeces. (sot: steee bradsell)"you'll spend more in the long run to replace the boards that haae gotten damaged." ((/o)up on the roof of its headquarters, consumer reports uns tough tesss on deck stains to see how well they hold up.these stained panels stay out for years in all kinds of weather. some are solid stains that look the most like paint. otherssare semi-transparent. and these clear sealers show the most wood grain. (sot)"clear sealers need the most maintenance. even the best need to be reapplied every
10:55 pm
yeaa." (v/o)compare this recently stained wood panel with one that'ssbeen outside for more than a year. (sot: rico de paz)"you can see how this one has lost its color and cracks are starting to form." (v/o)other panels are left out in the shade o sse how well they resist dirt and mildew. again the clear sealers did the worst. (sot: rico de paz)"ttis is completely covered with mmldew."(sot: bob markovich) "semi-transparenttstains do better. they generally need to be redone every two years. solid stains lass longest - most last at least three years."(v/o)one by behr was by far the longest-lasting, the solid color deck, fence & home depot even after three years of testing, it still looks pretty good. ((pat on cam))if you prefer a semi-transparent stain... consumer reports recommends another one from home depot... behr premium semi-transparent weatherproofing wood stain. it costs 36 ollars a can. patrice sanderr, fox45 news at ten. 3it's the latest wedding craze in romania....bride-napping. all in good fun.the bride is kidnapped from the
10:56 pm
reception.... by a group of friends who hold her hostage in the capital ccty of bucharest. the bride &pparties and poses for picture with other kidnapped brides..... while her abductors negotiate her return. their demands? usually just a few bottles of whiskey, or just the groom.... coming to publicly declare his watchers say the abductions are getting bigger and more brazen -- and fast becoming a wedding day tradition. ... the incredible way it e - new york without ever getting pnside the car. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes oo the late edition... &p ---crash nats-- nats-- a crash caught on camera...... the chaos after a monster truck slammed into the stands... and what caused the driver to lose control. 3 and a man tears apart his car to save a snake ... for the
10:57 pm
second time.... how it endee up stuck in the trunk.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
kitten takes a dangerous ride from york. this cat was found . by workers at a transmmssions

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